Friday, December 12, 2008

hi society

Digging deep in the crates u may be very lucky to find Almir Ricardi's 'Festa Funk' lp from around 1984, it's jammed to the hilt with carefree, feelgood, Brazilian influenced Funk Disco. Ricardi's myspace page writes him up as the founder of Baile Funk, started by the massive Brazilian club hit 'Pura', he is still touring today and regards parts of his second album 'Festa Funk' as his finest work. I am big on the last track of the album called 'Sao Paulo (High Society)' - check it... (shades of Asso in there..)

Almir Ricardi - Sao Paulo (High Society)


jerome green said...

Hi Chris,

This is great stuff, thanks. I started feeling it remined me of Frontline Orchestra's 'Don't Turn Your Back On Me' (an Eddy Grant unbelievably essential classic), but then I listened to Asso and see the similarities. Thanks for the Brazilian flavor.

Peace, Jerome

chris keys said...

hey Jerome
thanks for all the comments over the last few posts - looks like u are enjoying yourself :) oh and yeah that Frontline Orchestra thing rocks!!

Laurent said...


Million thanx for all that music...
Your blog is dope.

Laurent from Paris

Anonymous said...

fucking great music