Wednesday, December 31, 2008

mikeBurns is disco devil number five

Some time in March of this year I popped up a track by Austrian mikeBurns, well along with the other four beauties that came out on his debut 12" ('Phonix Project Vol1'), a little later in the year, it fast became one of my most played rekids. I believe now, as I did then, that mikeBurns is a name to keep an eye out for, his edits are classy, unusual, discerning and great fun. I'm delighted to be able to offer you an early listen to a track off his upcoming release on Disco Devil (005), a label I have massive respect for. You get the slo mo A side 'Everybody's Mantra', an excellent lush, early doors, Disco, party starter. I can guarantee you the B side is going to be rocking a lot of parties in '09, 'Disco Child' is f**'n huge! Go Check out Disco Devil's myspace and mikeBurns' also to hear more of their tracks. A big thanks to Mike and happy new year folks - I wish u all a dream forfilling '09...

mikeBurns - Everybody's Mantra

it's in stores now folks!!! go buy it here immediately


Scott Bliss said...

this track kisksssesss some buttock.
how can i get in touch with you for a wav?

Anonymous said...

buy it now at juno: