Monday, January 05, 2009

slaves of pleasure

Loud-E has an excellent album coming out toward the end of the month, but we'll get to that later.... right now I wanted to post the original version of Love Robot's 'Slaves Of Pleasure' an absolutely deadly dance floor item from 1978 which got loud-e-fied for Ambassadors Reception last year. If you manage to find the original eponymous lp then grab it, though they cost a bit (Mr E's edit has pushed the prices up even further). It features some great tracks on it and though I'd say the other tracks aren't quiet as capturing as 'Slaves', if you're into robots making love to a disco beat and other fun robot type stuff then it's worth hunting down. Slaves for your Monday night needs.. (I so could have gone another direction with the pic)

Love Robot - Slaves Of Pleasure


plaid said...

a killer is on the loose

DJ BWYSE said...

Happy New Year. Hope your well!!

Bokut said...

happy new year chris!!!

bravo, nice song!


dugg said...

cool. i'm crazy about robots making love....