Sunday, December 28, 2008

string pusher

Well folks, the year is nearly over (talk about stating the obvious) and once again I'm just gonna skip doing all those lists people love doing ( I enjoy reading some of 'em, but can't be asked to think back that far myself ). I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you who visit here often and also to all those of you who have contributed and helped make this little spot at the end of the www, a nice place to visit. I have quiet a few more Press Play's to put up, so expect the steady flow of excellent mixes to continue well into January. Here's wishing you all a fantastic New Year ahead, don't delay another second with your dreams and remember to spend more on vinyl...

I'll be popping in to drop a few tracks before the year is out, starting with this Balearic as f*ck tune from Scott Bliss. Scott aka Loudman Quietman, has given a.n.o.e. the pleasure of handing over a newly mastered version of his hypnotic, slo mo, 'heart string' tugging track, for your floating holiday pleasure. All things going according to plan, this should see a vinyl release in '09.

Scott Bliss - The String Pusher


thebeathunters said...

it's a very nice tune, indeed.

thanks to riuchy sakamoto and gustavo santaolalla who composed it for Alejandro González Iñárritu's "babel" film score...

it's called Bibo No Aozora/Endless Flight/Babel

scott bliss'touch speeds up the theme nicely and gives it an interesting housey edge.
i hope he has cleared the rights before it's out, this version deserves it.
in the meantime you can check the longer, deeper original on the bbel soundtrack.

chris keys said...

well spotted mate!