Monday, December 22, 2008

libre ambiance

Jaz has a couple of fresh edits out with his French buddies Libre Ambiance on their new label. I have been anticipating my copy all week (Christmas postage probably holding things up), being a fan of Jaz's special breed of deeply dug up unknown or hard to find Disco Rock gems. Jaz has two mixes up on a.n.o.e. which if you haven't checked out yet, u need to. Libre Ambiance hail from Lille, they have a very large and very fine collection of impossibly elusive Afro, Cosmic, Disco & Italo records (probably including the bellow mentioned Massiera originals) which is how they come to find these very special and wonderful tracks for editing. This is not a download but an opportunity to listen, in full, to one of the tracks from their new ep which is currently available in all good stores (it wont be for long). 'Been With You All Day' is a Talking Heads'ish Disco hybrid affair with killer keys and some crazed male vocal ranting... Top notch wierdo beardo!

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