Wednesday, January 28, 2009

geisha groove

Listening to Red Rackem's latest radio show, incidentally the 2nd Birthday Anniversary for The Smugglers Inn which can be found on his website here, was a good idea (well it's always a good idea and not just cos he's recently acquired the Gilles Peterson badge of approval) because as always, it's a bit of a learning experience as well as a good way to hear lots of new stuff from great worldwide producers. Rackem dropped a tapestry of beardy prog jazz brilliance in the form of a track by Missus Beastly. A quick search on Discogs led me to the 1974 eponymous album which features the track 'Geisha' - it only cost half an arm and as much of a leg tho'. A few pointed inquiries amongst prog'ish fellows got me a copy of the re-released cd on Garden Of Delights (the wonderful German prog re-issue label). Not the usual Disco fare (I hear u in the back) but a really incredible piece of music...

Missus Beastly - Geisha

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