Tuesday, January 27, 2009

tender aggression

I just landed a copy of Tender Aggression's 1976 LP 'Fly Disco Fly' on Morningstar Records. The album was also released slightly later as 'Power Sandwich' in Europe on Movieplay. I had read about it on DJHistory, but also knew it to be a record which got some play from The Beatbroker & JAZ, and that 'Crying Wind' had been given a rework by that other a.n.o.e. favorite Kool DJ Dust on his 'Disco Opera' mix album. There are at least 3 really great tracks on it; the aforementioned 'Crying Wind', 'Extra High' & 'Cycle Logical'. Anyway I'm glad to have it, though I'd be just as happy with the three tracks remastered, even edited on 12". I also wanted to give you JAZ fans a heads up (if you don't already know) about his latest exclusive mix for ARAWA's 2nd birthday.

Tender Aggression - Crying Wind


John Zahl said...

It's a great lp. There's also a track on there called "Chess Nuts", which is sort of a library funk that I like too. JAZ

chris keys said...

yeah 'Chess Nuts' is good too!! glad to have it!

Anonymous said...

Great tune ,thank you .