Monday, February 09, 2009

controllo totale

Here's a slice of super slo mo beardy Balearic biznez for your Monday mood. Italian Dj and editor Nassau has taken his blade to the rather obscure (outside Italy) Anna Oxa, Motels cover version 'Controllo Totale' (or 'Total Control'). Anna was 18 when she sang this, and was known for her strange 'Nina Hagen like' antics. It's kitsch, it's dramatic (is she almost crying at one point?) and for some weird reason I am just loving it... These days Anna is doing very well for herself and is a mainstream Pop icon in Italy. Nassau magic!

Anna Oxa - Controllo Totale (Nassau Torre di Controllo Edit)


Disco Dave said...

I have been in love with this song since you posted it so I posted it myself now, and linked it to your original post. Hope that was ok. If not, let me know.

Check it out here:

Thanx so much for this song. It's really breathtaking. This also made me discover The Motels.

chris keys said...

hey Dave - no problemo - yeah i love this thing too, love love it!! :)
thanks for the link up, thats cool...