Tuesday, April 07, 2009

ben aqua vs a.n.o.e.

I haven't exactly worked out how to introduce this idea I've had for a.n.o.e., or even how to refer to it... The next 6 posts (that would be the ones above this post right), though not likely to be in the next 6 days, will feature visuals by Ben Aqua. Usually I do em; I don't like to spend too much time on them, sometimes opting simply to crop a relevant pic, sometimes working them further in some way or other, occasionally creating something from scratch. It struck me recently, that it might be fun to get other visual people to do some for me too, but with the same or a similar 'not too serious' approach. The only issue, i thought, that might arise is having to provide said visual people with the tracks I would be posting before hand, but that sounded too much like art 'inspired' by music, which isn't the point at all and besides I have no real idea of what's coming up next. So yes, some continuity oddness' may occur.

First up with this experiment is multi media artist & dj Ben Aqua. Ben's work, inspirations, collections, videos & more can be seen on his website Aquabiotic (be sure to check out the links under 'thy empire'). I'm not going to get into talking about what is so great and so interesting about his work, if u like what he's up to then you'll find out more...
Thanks so much Ben!

oh and... check here, for a link to a not so new but still top class mix from the fella...


cubikmusik said...

nice one!
been throwing around something similar to this also, wondering how best to approach it.
looking forward to these.

hope all is well.


chris keys said...

hey hey
nice to hear from you. u know great minds think alike for some reason ;)

all is good
hope you are well too sir..