Tuesday, May 26, 2009

take me to the top

Been feeling that Boogie Disco sound all over again of late, like it's slightly older cousin Disco, there are any number of hit's 'n misses, credit card crunchers 'n basement bargains to be found. Advance's 'Take Me To The Top' probably fits more into people's idea of Italo Disco (especially with that early Kylie/Madge vocal it's got and being that it's Italian), listen to the instrumental however and that Boogie feel just lifts you up, mind you it's not entirely instrumental, but the main vocalist has been dropped out, which gives the track a whole other feel. Both are great of course, the b side's just better...

Advance - Take Me To The Top (Instrumental)


matt said...

Love this one Chris, especially the uplifting vocal version. One of the first 12"s I got when I first started getting into the Italo/Boogie sound. Thanks for sharing.

chris keys said...

Matt!! hey! how's things?
havent spoken in ages..