Monday, July 20, 2009

Press Play #26 - Steve Yanko

Well first off I should mention that this delicious Press Play should have gone up some time back, Steve worried it might be getting stale and so understandably leaked it on a well known forum a few weeks ago. That said, many of you wont have got it yet and I'm confident, given that many of the tracks herein are timeless gems, that the mix hasn't aged in the slightest (it was only recorded a few months back after all). Sorry for the delay Steve and thanks again for this superb Disco party mixup!!

Steve Yanko, as you may know, is the guy behind the excellent Canadian label Truffle Music, home to a bunch of great tunes from Andrew Allsgood, Don Cash and Dubious amongst others. Steve and Dubious' new project Strange Brew released the hot double-sider 'Wierdo/Hot Shit' through Truffle a few months back, which, if by some small chance you haven't heard, you should check. Mr Yanko has also had tracks on the primo Permanent Vacation, PSR, Prize Records and Plant Music, he's also responsible for a great many legendary warehouse party hours in his home town of Toronto.

Steve tells me he started collecting Disco in the mid 90's and scored many of his tunes in Montreal when they were cheap and plentiful, a place with a long, vibrant and important Disco history. It fascinates me that Canada's experimental Disco producers (both now and then) have always pushed the scene forward, Yanko explains that their geographic location has a lot to do with it; providing a remote unhyped environment which encourages individualism, but also a convenient and strategic mid point between European and American markets. a.n.o.e. loves Canadian Disco!

So as always, it's a real pleasure, even an honor to be able to hand over this fantastic mix... get it on the sidebar or here... just get it!!

Press Play 26 - Steve Yanko - Dancefloor Disorder

1) Jacques Renault - Just A CoMotion (CDR)
2) Patrick Cowley - Primitive World (Edit)
3) Permanent Vacation - Zucker Hut - (Permanent Vacation)
4) TBD - I Dont Know (CDR)
5) Junji Masayama - Sponge Feet (Bear Funk)
6) Tomas Andersson - Skon Klammer (Andrew Allsgood Remix) (PSR)
7) Tullio De Piscopo - Stop Bajon (Bagaria)
9) NYC Peech Boys - Life Is Something Special (Larry Levan Mix) (Island)
10) Michael Wilson - Groove It To The Sound (Steve Yanko Edit)
11) Glen Adams Affair - Just A Groove (SDC Edit) (OCSID Music)
12) NY Jump (BC Edit) (Disco Deviance)
13) Slave - Just A Touch Of Love (Cotillion)
14) Carol Williams - Can't Get Away (From Your Love)(Special Club "Dub" Mix) (Vanguard)
15) Eddie Kendricks - Date With The Rain (Special Remix Disco Version)
16) Dexter Wansel - Life On Mars (Philadelphia International)


Pete Goddfrey said...

Awesome mix!! Keep up the good work...

chris keys said...

yeah great mix, i play it over and over... more goodies to come..

Andrew Allsgood said...

good times!
I'll slowly begin the process of planning a new one for you, Chris!

chris keys said...

yes please Andrew! yes yes