Saturday, July 18, 2009


As I've been waylaid under yawn inducing work loads, hiding from the dark forces of deadlines, I have not yet managed to tend to the increasing pile of goodies I have for you. So without further delay...

Guitarist Jeff Liberman released his album' Synergy' on his own DIY label Librah in 1978 and as a result, there are not that many copies to be found these days. There is a completist type collection of his work available on CD which does help one get closer to this absolute gem of a record, and of course you could fork out the 100 Euro or so to own one of those rare original vinyl copies that come up for sale on the ol' internet occasionally (I'm definitely thinking about it). I also read somewhere that there may be a bootleg of it floating around too if you're inclined to go that way. There are several great tracks on the album, infact after googling the man I discovered someone on Dream Chimney had already posted a few of them earlier this year. Jeff mixes up Psyche, Prog, Folk, Jazz and Soul on the record, to great effect; the undoubted standout track on the album is 'Tranformation'... check it!!!

Jeff Liberman - Transformation


Fox said...

this is seriously rad. thanks chris!
hope you are well.
andras fox.

chris keys said...

sure thing!
need to mail you
to chat about yer

Anonymous said...

Please Please Please
If you have a heart please re-upload this, it says file has been removed...thanks!

chris keys said...

hit me with an email. this post was from 2009