Wednesday, August 26, 2009

beats the recession...

The great thing about Disco these days is that it comes in so many flavours; from Revenge styled edits to obscure Boogie re-issues, from Disco touched Techno Jazz to slo mo 80's Afro Funk, it's all going on and there is much much more to come. As with most things, it's essential to focus in on quality goods and to quickly recognize trustworthy sources of that good good stuff. Wolf Music is one of those sources; having sprung up on the scene only recently with a couple of deadly releases, Matt Neale and his cohorts are set to become regular providers of fresh Disco, House, slo mo and whatever else they're really digging.

I've already rambled on about the greatness of Greymatter's rework of Atmosphere's uber classic 'Dancing In Outer Space' (also given the Revenge treatment) on these pages, it's available as a download on Wolf 001, or alternatively on vinyl (WOLFEP001), which already seems to be nigh impossible to find. The vinyl contains another absolute bomb by mystery producer Krl called 'Recession Beat' and it's this particular monster which you're also getting here tonight. 'Recession Beat' almost falls into The Revenge end of the spectrum; it's a slo mo, deeply underground sounding cut up of (in all likelihood) various Soul & Funk sources mixed over a superb building Hip Hop House backing, the result is a bonafide block party stormer!

But who the hell is Krl? Even after a brief interview with the man himself, I'm not able to shed any light on that question, I am however happy to let you in on our conversation of sorts...

who are your main influences as Krl?

The usual suspects like theo parish. ron hardy. moodyman. j dilla. the revenge. motor city drum ensamble. rick wilhite. floating points. falty dl. ame. mark e. i also like a lot of 80s stuff at the moment, but generally i listen to every kind of music out there.

I have this idea that the edit scene is going to continue growing further away from Rock/ Disco/ Boogie & Balearic tracks... probably moving into early House territory as dj's and producers release their take on early House classics... where would you say the edit scene is going? if anywhere?

I think soul/boogie/disco re-edits work so well because the tracks need a rework to make them club worthy & heavy on the floor - im not sure early house needs it. but if you can make a great track out of it, why not?

Would you even call what you are doing 'edits'?

Not really, its more just heavy sampling - but its a thin line. ive done plenty of traditional re-edits as well but i dont like to classify things. i sample whatever i am feeling at the time - some end up as tracks, some as edits.

What can we expect from Krl in the near future?

A new track on wolf music ep003 12" released autumn 09. a mix with a load of exclusives & unreleased productions, several re-edits/DJ tools in a week or two. there will be a bundle of edits & tools i will send to djs so watch your inbox..

Will Krl be dj'ing out or is it strictly a production outfit?

Dj'ing is an big part of it. it is a big influence on the productions - ive been dj'ing much longer than i have producing & make tracks i would enjoy listening to on the floor.

With a whole host of primo releases lined up from Eddie C, a.n.o.e. favorites PBR Streetgang, Krl and Greymatter (as well as a few heavyweight remixers) Wolf Music are destined to develop into one of those labels we all obsess about. Oh and they're starting a weekly session in Brighton pretty soon, which you lot in Blighty should check out. The best place to buy Wolf Music vinyl is probably Juno, while Traxsource will sort all those in search of digital downloads, plus keep an eye on their Myspace for new bits in the pipeline. Finally grab 'Recession Beat' below and enjoy the ride! (Big thanks to Matt & Krl for making this happen)

Krl - Recession Beat


cubikmusik said...

hey mate,
hope you're well.
nice interview.
great sounds and well worth watching that name alright.
check out greymatter talking about his influences over on cubikmusik.


chris keys said...

hey hey
yeah i read it - enjoyed it a lot - i kinda love everything greymatter does, hes a class act!.

hope you're good cubik!!! been awhile

cubikmusik said...

ah cool.

yeh, good here. settled back into dublin now (took a while).
now the fun begins. got some stuff brewing that i'm excited about.
all good. all needed.


Monsieur Monod said...

You get down! Great first record by Wolf Music.