Wednesday, August 19, 2009

love fever with Blackjoy

I don't often do promos for gigs up in here, but this one comes with a link to a top dollar mix from the main guest at Loft Party's 'Love Fever' event. Loft Party do really fantastic party's, ok admittedly I've not been to one, but check these pics and try tell me otherwise. Past guests have included Danny Krivit, Andy Blake, Rahaan, Trus'me, Greg Wilson, BBE Records, Free Disco and Domu, tomorrow night's ho down in Shoreditch features the excellent Frenchman Blackjoy. Loft Party take their inspiration from a long line of real deal Disco nights, their resident dj tag team Andy Bird & Alex Bradley are known for playing only quality Disco, Afro & House (both old & new) and their events have all the extra details required to build an entertaining, dramatic & genuine discotheque experience. Go check out more about them at their great site Love Fever and grab this hot mix at the same time - or right click and save on the link below... highly recommended obviously! oh and if you're in London town tomorrow night - get there!

Blackjoy Disco loco Mix


Anonymous said...

thanx chris
love blackjoy stuff and this mix is ace, just received his edit cd vol 2 over the w/e so its a blackjoy fest in my house atm. respect

chris keys said...

aaah that edits cd is rather lovely!

dalestephen said...

hey chris
I'll leave my name this time !
yeah vol 2 cd is great, more discofunk this cd and colette are cool to deal with, they arranged cheap postage and it was prompt.
thanks again for blackjoy mix just listening to over breakfast


chris keys said...

dale, if you read this, got another special blackjoy mix incoming!