Sunday, August 02, 2009

this night

It's getting more difficult to put out undiscovered tunes in the edit scene, duplicates (albeit different mixes) are bound to and do occur far more frequently these days. I found this abandoned Sad Ghost edit of the very lovely 'LA Nights' by Yasuko Agawa recently, abandoned I suspect after the release of a version for Galaxy Sound Company several months back. The Ghost's demo version extends the intro into a floaty slo mo deep house thing, before dropping you into a slightly altered version of the original, it's two tracks in one really and differs a lot from the version on GSC. Be warned the track is a demo and isn't mastered, but it sure added some required warmth to a dark, wet and cloudy winter day here in Jozitown.

Yasuko Agawa - LA Nights (Sad Ghost This Night Demo Re Freak)


Anonymous said...

what a killer!
wonder who does lotw`s "london town"?
greetings coffee garner

chris keys said...

hey Mr Garner, nice to know you dug it. I'll mail you.