Sunday, August 02, 2009

45 badger button moon mix

Just over a month ago I posted a 45badger edit, which proved very popular and garnered many wav file requests (it's still up if you haven't yet grabbed it), well I'm pleased to say that the badger has handed over a superb mix of diggers delights for your further enjoyment. You may remember his excellent edit 'Dancing Knights' from the second Beard Science release and if you dug the track as much as we did then you'll be pleased to know that another of his gems will be featured on the fourth Beard Science 12" which should be in stores fairly soon. 45 explores a galaxy of sound with his space themed 'Button Moon' mix, check the track listing and see why you should download this... Big thanks to the badger! Get it here or under 'exclusive mixes' on the sidebar.

45badger - Button Moon

1. Planeta Venus - Pepeu Gomez
2. Time Barrier - Alan Parker
3. Space Dust - Galactic Force Band
4. Spaced Out - Juice Unlimited Orchestra
5. Space Travel - Mugo
6. Moonglow - Benny Goodman
7. Spacer - Sheila B Devotion
8. Small Planet - Ferraby Lionheart
9. Stand By The Word - The Celestial Choir
10. Moonshadow - Labelle
11. Cosmic Funk - Mad Dog Fire Department
12. Space Lady - Bill
13. Messages from The Stars - The Rah Band
14. Cosmic Dust - Sharon Bailey
15. Space Woman - Hermans Rocket
16. Tomorrows World Today - 45badger edit
17. Pink Moon - Nick Drake


Off the record djays said...

Very nice stuff as usual.
The retro futurism is really back again.

chris keys said...

I'm sure there will always be dj's working this end of the spectrum... glad you enjoyed it! Your site is lovely!