Tuesday, September 15, 2009

love dont come easy

If you were ever or are a fan of Dublex Inc then you might know that co founders Flo Pflüger & Felix Brucklacher relaunched their killer 7" Grande Buffo label back in 2005 with releases from D.I., Ray City Bowler, and Sneaky Fox (all worth a look in). D.I. aka Dublex Inc have morphed once again into the Disco cut up lovin' Space Ranger and have a release out on Plimsoll as well as a digital only rework of MJ's 'Thriller'. The 12" on Plimsoll is great, especially for their excellent re-working of New Jersey Connection's "Love Don't Come Easy", you get to check it out below. The release also comes with a lovely edit of D-Train's "Keep On" dub mix, a track which, in it's original form, never leaves my box, Space Ranger fiddle the switches on it and have come up with a tasty and handy dj tool. No doubt Space Ranger know how to update a gem for current club floors, but they also clearly do so with nimble and experienced jazz hands, it's clubby but still very much Disco. Thanks Flo for the hook up... Keep an eye on their Myspace for new tracks and a forthcoming release on Lovemonk.

New Jersey Connection - Love Don't Come Easy (Space Ranger Edit)


Party Djays said...

Hello South Africa
We are finally back with a new mix.
Dj Caramelo sneaks into same warm jazzy grooves, just for your delight.

chris keys said...

hey guys - ill have a listen... thanks :)