Thursday, September 17, 2009

sargeant lovebody has it under control

It's an edits heavy week again, although this one is only for listening purposes, but listen ye must (or should). The story behind Sargeant Lovebody is very real, he has done things most of us would exchange small body parts to have had a part in. Head over to his Myspace page and read the story for yourself, it's well impressive, amazing even. And then there are the tracks, full on Disco cut ups designed for starting a riot; modern, high octane and good good fun. 'Skippys down the well' & 'Cliff's Gone Crazy' will both be available on JunoDownload on friday (yes tomorrow) and with more heavyweights on the way, Lovebody's strategy is clear, total control!


midnight man said...

yeehah!chris lovin this!make sure its gets played when you get to the cape!

chris keys said...

will do sir!