Thursday, October 08, 2009

jet set

Quiet some time ago, so I can't remember exactly how, but i got in touch with Marius Vareid or he got in touch with me, mails were exchanged and he send me the really delicious Donald Fagan sampling slice of loveliness that is 'Song For Sara', a track that i don't think ever saw the light of day as a proper release. Later on of course you'll know he featured on these pages again with his Promo Mix for Maxi Records and his first release for the label (that's still available here). He's back again, this time for listening purposes only, with a new track for Maxi which happens to be remixed by the always exciting Ray Mang, which will be available in stores very shortly. 'Jet Set' is a great club track with deeply emotive keyboard maneuvers and a lovely uplifting groove. I'm particularly into the 'Bonus Beats' just now, but they're both solid.. check it.

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Party Djays said...

Cool Chris

We will be anxiously waiting for your mix, here on the north side of the ocean.
Until then you can enjoy our latest Mix Tape, "Playing With the Classics"


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