Thursday, October 08, 2009

just in

That long awaited Flowers 'For Real'/ Sad Ghost edit hit the stores today. Check here and here. The Mr Chinn (from Rong Records) track on the A side is truly wonderful; a re-fired re-work of 'Let's get Together' with lots of original instrumentation going on, it's also dance floor fire. You'll find a newly reworked version of the Sad Ghost edit which went up on a.n.o.e. some time back on the B side; the sound is so much cleaner than the original version i posted, plus it has been deliciously mastered for vinyl. Cant say much other than support this if you're feeling the tunes.


Szandor said...

way to go chris.
im picking this up now from Juno!


chris keys said...

nice one Szandor! thnx mate!