Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Press Play #29 - Disco Outcasts

Press Play turns 29, with an ace Balearic Disco Rock hybrid mix called 'She's Des - perate' by Disco Outcasts. Thee Outcasts seemed to appear out of nowhere sometime in March of last year (well in blogland anyway) and have in a relatively short time become a much respected and enjoyed source of Disco, Cosmo, and Afro delights. Both Leo and Stefan Outcast took over Saturday nights at Manchester's Purple Pussycat (a cheeky kitsch and lovable den) where they've been pushing their contemporary take on Disco for well over a year. You can even tune in to their sets live if you cant make it, or need a unique party soundtrack for your own shindig.. (check here)

The fact is neither of these guys came from nowhere; Stefan has previous legendary status in Manchester due to releasing records that sold in excess of 70,000 units, by playing everywhere from the Hacienda to Glastonbury, from Ibiza to Reykjavík, and having toured with acts such as Oasis and Run DMC. Leo had also already won his Disco stripes around town as the man behind the well known Phuture parties and for his work with Tangled at The Phoenix. Now days it's Disco Outcasts in particular and ripping it up in Croatia, Germany, London and Manchester in general. But then you probably know all this already. .

Word on the street is that Stef and Leo are working to set up a studio, in order to release original music of their own (in fact if you feel inclined to give them your support in this endeavor register here to do so.. xtra love to you if u do). Stefano's collaboration with Adam Strange as 'Pulp Disco & The Outcasts' resulted in the very excellent 'Witches', a slo mo track which has had pretty amazing support from dj's like Rune Linbaek and The Unabombers. I'm not alone in wishing this release would hurry up and come out on vinyl. Right so here's the mix; a really lovely blend of Modern Psychedelic beardy business... oh and massive thanks and love to the Outcasts for showin' up :)

Press Play #29 - Disco Outcasts - She's Desperate

Massimiliano Pagliara - Sometimes At Night
Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan [Steef Edit]
Mindless Boogie - Dark Desire [Rubber Room Mix]
Love Of Light Orchestra - Beginning Of The Heartbreak [Betty Botox Mix]
Greg Wilson - Never Look Back
Leftside Wobble - Safari Kiss
Eddie C - Let Your Mind
6th Borough Project - Do It To The Max
John Talabot - Naomi
DJ Kaos - Love The Night Away [Tiedye Edit]


Party Djays said...

Hello Chris

As we are regular followers of your blog and big fans of your musical taste, we would like to ask you if you want to prepare a MixTape, to publish at our blog.


chris keys said...

hey guys
yeah id love to, to be honest though, im working on 3 mixes right this minute.. but we'll talk xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

this Mix is so awesome. i love your blog and DL every Mixset you give.

But this one is some kind of special B-side Disco/balearic i've never heard before.

Sounds a little bit like the "italians do it better" mike simmonetti dj but much more deeper.

disco outcast ROCK!

many thanx from germany

disco outcast said...

thanks for the kind words ta.. x