Sunday, November 15, 2009

Domu done and dusted.. pt1.

I discovered yesterday that one of my favourite producers (certainly of the last decade) has decided to quit the dirty business of making and selling music. Dominic Stanton aka Domu has pulled the plug on his various aliases and connections to the industry, including, I might add his facebook page, myspace, blog and other social networking sites. Pop on over here, to read about his reasons for doing it. If you've been reading his blog, then you may have seen it coming, nevertheless it's pretty shite news for his fans and I for one have thought his recent productions have seen him reclaim his position in this changeing market. He'll be sorely missed. I have a lot of thoughts about this turn of events, but I think most importantly it's about his choice and we should support him with it.

The odd part to this information is it comes just weeks after I chatted with the man after hearing an edit he'd done on Red Rack'ems radio show. Dominic then gave me a handful more of lovely edits he'd been working on and added that I could stream (a few of) them here on a.n.o.e. He'd also mentioned that some of the tracks might soon be available on KAT Records but I'm thinking that this now seems unlikely. So over the next week or so, I'll be sticking up a few of the above mentioned goodies for your listening pleasure.

This first edit is a fine rework of the same track that Erot used a part of to create his famous 'Song For Annie' (not the one that samples Curtis Mayfield, the other genius one); it's a brilliant slice of Disco edged Jazz and for the life of me I cant remember who it's by (The Crusaders - thanks Dave) ... until i remember here's Dominic's re-cut...


jamie said...

it's crusaders 'sweet and sour' mate.

gutted :(

Disco Dave said...

It's easy to understand him when reading his explanation. Like othe good producers he will be remembered and his music will continue to be listened to in the future as well.
Cheers Dave

chris keys said...

thanks Jamie. really not easy to forget that.. :)

Dave - yeah you're right. I really get why he's doing it and it sounds like quiet a hard thing to do or even talk about... hope you're well mate.

red dirt said...

as someone that has played various roles in the music industry for over 20 years i completely understand his feelings and his current decision. it takes a lot of courage to do what he's doing.

many people in the past have "hung it up" only to return more charged than ever - the name osunlade comes to mind. but if domu does indeed stay out of the loop, like i said, i understand 100 percent.

chris keys said...

nice one red dirt, i have also worked in this same industry, also in various roles for many years (about 12 yrs) and it gets me down quiet often too. I totally relate, but at the same time, i find some people do things just right and it's an inspiration when that happens. definitely a roller coaster of emotions at times.... most of the time infact.

so many people in the industry have felt this way.. no wonder its a mess.