Monday, November 16, 2009

get a room

Small Time Cuts return with a new release from Get A Room! (who are French duo The Rove Dogs plus Jeff Lasson), it's pretty limited (500 copies worldwide) and it's available in all good stores now. This is a seriously hot piece of wax with three exceptional edits on it, edits made for left field dancers and lovers of Cosmo Electro sounds. 'The Dreamer', a peak time Ennio Morricone edit, is already getting a lot of attention and deservedly so, 'The Valery Stop' adds all kinds of heavy drum action onto a slice 'n dice of Valery Allington's classic 'Stop' (which is soo fine), and then there is 'Under The Vice', a slo mo bruiser made from Topo and Roby's big 80's club track which is my current favourite. With props from Trevor Jackson for starters, you know we're talking about something that's worth checking out... it's worth buying too.

Get A Room - Under The Vice

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