Sunday, November 29, 2009

Domu done and dusted pt2.

I've been pulling Domu vinyl when I see 'em on the shelves just lately, revisiting his tracks since the recent news of his quitting the scene. While there are loads of items he's worked on that I love to bits, a possible list of his best or my favourites would have to include 'The Boss' from his brilliant Discotech EP, his remix of 12th Floor's 'Get Down' on Raw Fusion, 'Worldwide' on Loungin' Recordings, His remix of Simon Grey's 'Galactic Suite' on Papa and his Disco Dub of 'Somethin' Better' from Maddslinky amongst others. This stuff is going to circulate for years probably, inevitably though, some of his material will fall off the radar and be charged with time spend collecting dust, hopefully to be rediscovered later down the line. That said, the nature of crate digging is changing, so I can't say how that will work. So here is another of his recent edit's for listening purposes; a sweet future boogie blowout with gospel overtones, simply called 'Love Vibe'. Anyone know the original? Killer!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

It's the Emotions, Love Vibe. Check out a version by Todd Terje. Killer track.

Much love to you

chris keys said...

thanks for the info
I dont think I've seen that Terje, but will definitely look for it now :)

thankyou thankyou