Sunday, November 29, 2009

safari room

Somewhere between Altz and Rondenion, you'll find Atsushi Yano, a Japanese producer who favours Afro & Jazz source material over the more Disco friendly stuff produced by the aforementioned references. Similarly, however, he has that minor keys and loop love, Moodyman feel of Rondenion's work along with some of Altz's quirk. There is practically no information to be found about this guy on the internet, except for some mentions of his fantastic 'Polyrhythm' EP on Nang Records (sister label to Tirk), which has been out since August. It seems to me that this release never got as much attention as it perhaps should have; the four tracks are deliciously left field, but they also jack like old school ny house bombs. I suspect you'll find these work well as secret weapons, since more mainstream dj's will have quickly passed over them. Hunt it down and in the meantime check out 'Room Safari' from the EP below... lots coming up this week, so check back..

Atsushi Yano - Room Safari

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