Monday, November 30, 2009

New York City Jacks

Redux have recently had their look updated and they continue to release some of the finest club tracks of recent years. NY's Drrrtyhaze are the latest to feature, with an old school Electro jam called 'New York City Jacks'; I've been playing it and the brilliant Popular Peoples Front Remix out a lot lately and can report they work wonders on up for it dancers. The original is mean and clean, does what it says on the tin and revives a tough, warehouse filled, edgy New York of the early 80's. The Popular Peoples Front Remix is something else altogether (allowing you to play both versions in the same set if you like), it's very underground, actually it's pretty hard to describe, so you get a download below, it's a monster. On the flip side is another new track from the Haze; 'Make My Body Hot' is a lovely Funk Disco House Jam with very tasty Herb Alpert'esque trumpets and a chorus of sexy girl vocals, not unlike a Crazy P track with an NY edge. Check the stores for this (start here maybe) and keep supporting Redux. If you're a fan, or dig the sound, you can also grab a top class mix from Drrtyhaze done for Redux, right here.

>Drrtyhaze - New York City Jacks (Popular Peoples Front Remix)

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