Thursday, December 31, 2009

high tide

You've come a long way baby! Welcome to the 2010's. I've got some really groovy things lined up for lovers of this site in upcoming months, as well as the usual crate finds, new releases and mixes of distinction. In fact I heard today, for sure, that we'll be getting a mix from one of the edit scene's finest, a man who seems to have all the records we keep hunting for and then some. I've also hooked up with a bunch of exciting labels to keep you plugged into current sounds and there are also a couple of new interviews for your reading and learning pleasure.

Tonight, however, I wanted to give you a heads up on a mix that's been doing the rounds on the net, from Moonboots (he the master of all things deeply Balearic). The mix is called 'Seasons Come, Seasons Go', it's been available for a month or so, but more recently got re-upped at a higher bit rate, cos it's so damn special. You really need it.

One of the tracks on the Moonboots mix is by Batteaux, it's the single 'Tell Her She's Lovely' by the brothers Batteau, which was also sampled by Ghostface Killah on one of his tracks. It is a confusing train of thought which attempts to work out why they weren't better known; their 1973 eponymous album fits with ease next to your best CSN records, with it's shimmering MOR atmosphere, beautifully penned tracks and vocal washes. Check out 'High Tide', one of several seriously fine beauties from this fairly hard to find gem... happy hunting!

Batteaux - High Tide


Scott Bliss said...


you got a WAV of this? it's got pillage written all over it :)
ps: the capthca was MORDOO. hahaha
sounds like somewhere to escape form on a flying horse or something

chris keys said...

yeah I got Wav's for u - several tracks on it u neeeed!
cant believe how hillarious some of your capcha's are!

Marc said...

Moon also used "Living’s Worth Loving" on the mix. Second track in if I remember correctly.

chris keys said...

yeah that's right. here's the track list if anyone checks in here...

1. Jefferson Airplane – Triad
2. Batteaux – Living’s Worth Loving
3. Breeze – Make It With You
4. The Cyrkle – The Visit (She Was Here)
5. Batteaux – Tell Her She’s Lovely
6. Severin Browne – Stay
7. Odyssey – Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love
8. Heliocentric World – Where’s Your Love Been
9. Don Cooper – Bless The Children
10. American Gypsy – 10,000 Miles
11. Cornelius Brothers and Sister Love – Too Late To Turn Back Now
12. Burt Bacharach – South American Getaway
13. Labi Siffre – The Shadow Of Our Love
14. Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra – San Diego
15. Mountaineer – You Pay No Mind
16. Firefall – Mexico
17. Hard Meat – Free Wheel
18. Kenny Rankin – Birembau
19. Bobbie Gentry – Seasons Come Seasons Go
20. Faith – We’re All Headed In The Same Way/The Last Song