Wednesday, January 06, 2010


One way to start the year would be with a Bang! Let's go that route then... KRL and the very fine Wolf Music Recordings (still a wolfling mind, and already with such big teeth) put out some of last years loveliest tracks; the brilliant 'Recession Beats' and 'Remember Donny' on Wolf's first EP and also 'I Wanna Be With You' on that Revenge and Eddie C featuring 'I Wanna See All My Friends At Once' EP (if you don't know 'em by now check here to listen). We managed to get some information out of the mysterious one (read here), though nothing incriminating and certainly no clue as to who KRL might be. Edit headz in general are quiet a mysterious bunch, for obvious reasons, but it only really matters when their tracks hint (or shout) at deeper talents. KRL tracks are pretty special, they're kind of hybrids of Hip Hop, Disco and House more than they are 'edits', and work wonders on dance floors. So it's my absolute pleasure to be able to hand over to you, the first in a series of free edits by the man; this is quality gear for dj's and underground music lovers, it's also being made available in Wav format - double score!

Keep your eyes open for his upcoming EP on Wolf (out in Spring - your Spring that is) and don't even hesitate in grabbing this delicious Disco bomb. Thanks go out to Matt & KRL for this lil burner!

KRL - Say You Will (Eddie Henderson)


el jeffe said...

this is well nice! happy new year :)

chris keys said...

thanks El Jeffe, happy ny too!

yip - well nice is right!

Return of the... said...

love that track. love that edit!

KRL said...

on Soundcloud for download too