Friday, February 05, 2010

the drunk

I need to give you a heads up on the new American Standard 12", which is currently available on pre-order; I heard The Drunk's 'Islay Edits' Ep late last year and have been having sleepless nights about it ever since (you know what I'm talking about). The waiting is almost over; this delicious 3 tracker 12" & bonus 7" can be bought directly from the label  here or you could hang on for five minutes and grab it when it hits the stores. One thing is for sure, it's unmissable!

The mysterious Drunk, has been at the top of my hunting list ever since his first release on Freestyle Ltd back in 2003, his track choices are impeccable, more often than not previously unheard (by most of us), and always uncommonly deep. Clearly The Drunk knows a great deal about lesser known Disco gems, in fact I heard he was a specialist in the industry years before Disco found it's way back, but that could just be a rumor. The 'Islay Edits' are possibly the best bunch so far; 'Ardberg' is a really superb Afro tinged, rocking Disco beauty, 'Bowman' is a delicious unearthed, beardy yacht Rock item, 'Lagavulin' takes you on a joyful, midtempo, Cosmic Boogie ride and 'Untitled' (which is on the 7") is pure Rollerskating Disco. You can hear snippets over on Soundcloud or on American Standard's pre-order site. Do me a favour... check this and support it. Oh and keep your eyes peeled for his Press Play mix which is coming up...


Little Dude said...

Thanks for the heads up man!
I've been listening to Lagavulin the whole day now. So sweet and catchy that tune. Fits my mood just right.
Thanks again!

ATM said...


chris keys said...

you excellent fellows,
i knew anoe readers would love this!! :)
happy now!

kon said...

been a while on the check in.... i know the drunk. he recently came out of hibernation and hit me up.

chris keys said...

hey Kon
how goes things?