Monday, February 01, 2010


French Keyboardist Roland Bocquet, once a member of Psychedelic Rock band Catharsis, ventured out on his own in the late 70's and produced a number of very appealing albums. I've heard good things about his spacey early 80's long player 'Rose Robot', only I don't own a copy of that and have never actually heard it. His debut album 'Paradia' (1977), however is quiet a beauty; it's an experimental, keyboard heavy (piano, synths etc), superbly arranged, exploration of his fantasy off world paradise. Not everything on the album works, some of the tracks fall into the duller end of the Library Music scene, but there are at least three or four delicious, achingly serene gems to be found. Check out the title track (my favourite) and grab the lp if you come across it while digging...

Roland Bocquet - Paradia

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