Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thisisnotanexit: Manifesto #1

Thisisnotanexit mark their first three years in the industry with an excellent (double CD) compilation called 'Thisisnotanexit: Manifesto One'; in these edit heavy and revisionist times TINAE go some way beyond merely helping to remind us what this game is really all about. I'm the first to admit to loving a good edit or re-release, but top class original music is always going to be the true source, the reason, the thing that pushes it all forward. TINAE are undoubtedly pushing it forward, their artist roster hosts a stellar spectrum of beat heads which includes Hatchback, Optimo's Naum Gabo, Night Plane, They Came From the Stars I Saw Them, Professor Genius, Detachments, Spectral Empire, Brain Machine and Parallels amongst others. 

TINAE owner Simon Carr takes his inspiration from Tony Wilson's Factory Records, reading his blog makes this pretty clear, so does a quick scan of the cd, but you'll find shades of Warp there too and maybe even early Mute. What I'm trying to say is TINAE has a real attitude and depth of vision, it's a genuine label; while TINAE artists draw inspiration from deeper scenes like Disco Not Disco, or No Wave, or Psyche, Cosmic, Italo & Balearica, they are, every one of them, futurists of a kind, hunting out new sounds and territories. I love this double cd; the first disc is all originals and the second (which is also mixed by Simon) is made up, almost entirely, of remixes by some heavy heavy hitters like Prins Thomas, Chatteau Flight, Joakim, local kids King of Town, Brennan Green, Sankt Goran, Serge Santiago and Mungolian Jetset.

Anyway I could go on, just get it if you haven't already. Here is Professor Genius with a true synthy beauty called 'A Jean Giraud 5' to check out while you peruse their website. I wanted to add, since i just discovered, Simon is the co-owner of the label with his wife, who doesn't always get the credit she deserves for co-piloting this rocket...

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