Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Coming out in the next few weeks is a new Autodiscoteque 12", which features Disco Deviance's Dicky Trisco & Pete Herbert delivering a couple of hot rocks. The A side features a reworked early House, body poppin classic now called 'Visual', it's 'red light and a basement' heaven. Flip to the B side for another one of those bombs I have been going on about this week; 'Exodus' is the Bobby Blank produced classic 'Together Forever' (by Exodus), re-shuffled into a monster club track. It's probably obvious to mention that 'Together Forever' is the track Eddie Amador used for his well known hit 'House Music'. 'Exodus' is good times in a bottle, forget the clever, rare stuff for a minute and submit!


Anonymous said...

i love this great music where can i download it lot of respect lot of love!

chris keys said...

glad you're digging it. it can only be bought on vinyl, I dont think autodiscoteque release digital files!

bill p said...

good track - i keep hearing the "my beat" (blaze) voiceover!! so as we struggle to find the rhythm with our feet, ask yourself can you really dance to my beat?" someone should put it over the top - it would be LOOSE!! nice one kids