Tuesday, March 09, 2010

we do love debbie

Tribute 03 landed in stores just last week. 'We Love Debbie' revisits the Blondie bomshell's classic 'Heart Of Glass' in a decidedly non Disco manner; for most of the track Debbie's vocal's sound like they were recorded from the room next door to an empty Max's Kansas or CBGB's, the original backing music has been stripped away and replaced with a stuttering groovebox and the oddest, distorted, Township jive I ever did hear. Having big expectations of how this could have gone may get in the way of hearing what is a very fresh and thrilling rework. What I do know for sure is, play this to an up for it crowd and watch the room light up, the dancers are loving it; it is in fact a right knees up which sounds a bit Theo Parrish and a bit JD Twitch. I heard a rumour that its made by Situation, which may account for it's hi-end production and forward looking attitude. Check it, get it, play it... boom!

just got hit by DMCA for having this track up, and it was streaming, not for download.. wtf!! - hunt it out in the shops! They keep removing my post, in spite of the fact that I have long since removed the track...

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