Tuesday, April 27, 2010

lost edit - twilight

I was thinking, a.n.o.e. will be four years old soonish; around the time I got started, the whole edits phenomenon began to pick up momentum. Now it's probably fair to say there are just too many about; having choice is always a good thing, but wading through the onslaught of new releases every month is quiet difficult. It goes without saying though, that the cream always rises to the top. In those almost four years, I've featured a number of superb edits which have never been released, some of which i go back to repeatedly. So amongst all the other threads that get mixed up and lost here every night, I plan to highlight some of those, lest they be forgotten.

Anyone remember Jitterbugs very deep and ever so slightly techy edit of Maze's 'Twilight'?  It's damn fine!

Maze - Twilight (Jitterbug's Lost Edit) 

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