Monday, April 26, 2010

the users

Fairly recent Press Play guest Cosmic Boogie, is releasing his labels fourth set of edits in a minute or two; the two classy tracks featured have both been reworked by Stu Robinson, who is all things Cosmic Boogie. He's done good too, having cut War's 'Youngblood' into a high quality extended Funk workout made for shimmying and shuffling from deep inside your soul. 'Youngblood' is primo War re-tweaked with respect, no House lift here, just authentic groove. 'The Users' is killing me softly with it's deep Soul Disco laser Funk grooves; I don't know the original, but no matter, the track is an instant classic and is about to get hammered by dj's with soul. Keep em peeled, check the clip below and enlist...

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