Saturday, April 17, 2010


Sometime back I mentioned Jakarta based Voyagers Of Icarie, and insisted you use their myspace link to check them out. Their track 'Purple Bamboo' has been on heavy rotation ever since, it's a modern psyche folk beauty which is available through the very interesting space.rec. One of Icarie's members is also behind Svarghi, a freeform collabaration vehicle who have a new ep coming out shortly, again on space.rec. This two tracker is impossible to categorize, it's a modern tapestry of electronica and psychedelic folk with finely woven antique synths, lush vocals, intricate percussion and a sound thick with ghosts from the past. I reckon heavyweight beards like Prins Thomas and Harvey should be pushing these guys, their Indo/Balearic beats are ideal for the Scando/LA scenes (excuse the massive leaps across the globe there). You get to download 'Replant' off the ep, but check out their myspace to hear 'Ominous' (also on the release) and other enchanting gems by these very talented guys. Available on Junodownload sometime in May... Rated!!!

Svarghi - Replant


el jeffe said...

ez chris
yup! these are dope..:)tis
svarghi & space.rec reminds me
of the LUGNET stuff.. proper modern psyche.. brilliant!
good call sir!

chris keys said...

hey Jeff
yeah these guys should be much better known.. working on that :)

very in the lugnet end of things as you say...

Anonymous said...

very very good this and 'ominous' is dope!!

chris keys said...

yes agreed! 'ominous' is fantastic! I just featured it in my recent mix for 'off the record'