Friday, July 06, 2007

On the road again

LA's J Disco's 'Unstoppable' release on Top Shelf caused a minor tidal wave of interest with the bearded lot having gotten a fair bit of play from the Idjut's & Harvey amongst others. The B side 'Loves Entry' is a dubbed out slice of mid tempo, easy LA heat. Disco fans will go for the A side, no doubt, but I thought I'd give u this dusty road item to go along with the other guitar heavier things you might have picked up here instead.

J Disco - Loves Entry (J Disco's Unstoppable Mix)


Anonymous said...

Another big favourite of ours, except I tend to play it from halfway in. Chris, I am suffering from serious banner envy today and I don't even have a need for a banner, that is superb work.

Anonymous said...

....ahhhh ha! I'm diggin' the new banner as well!!!
Toight loike a toiger!

Love the smoked out beats as well!

I'll be doing that mix this weekend as well!

Good lookin' out Chris.


chris keys said...

Hey Marc
thanks man!!!

chris keys said...

Hey Andrew
thanks for the kind words!!!, seriously looking forward to the mix..