Sunday, September 17, 2006

Give it Up for more Disco!!!

Tata Vega, who is often mistaken for Chaka Khan, vocally that is, as she doesn't look anything like her, had a pretty big hit with 'Give it up for Love', a brilliant slice of Disco heaven. Here it gets re-worked for discerning dancefloors, teasing you with bits of the original which only comes through, in full at the end. It can be found on the consistently good Jisco Music label. Go on say something about it or anything for that matter. So that's enough tunes from me this weekend, hope that makes up for my not being here all week.

1 comment:

Gavin said...

Hey man, thanks for the compliments over at Groovin' You. Looks like you got some nice tunage going on here. Shame I can't get any of them though. I'd really urge you to try something other than Rapidshare. Try You Send It, SendSpace, Zshare, ANYTHING!!! I can never get anything from Rapidshare, thanks.