Saturday, September 16, 2006

Messages From Mars

Marsmobil have a second album out on Compost/G-Stone which is co produced by Peter Kruder (Peace Orchestra, Voom Voom), Christian Prommer (Fauna Flash, Truby Trio, Voom Voom) and Marsmobil mastermind Roberto Di Gioia and its very special indeed. The Air reference is inevitable, but really there is so much more to their sound, its organic, folktronica, 70's pop and very spacey (a key element for me). There are subtle shades of My Bloody Valentine, psychedelic Rock and European flair all over 'Minx', an instant classic in my mind. I was just recently attempting to write something about the new Koop, also out on Compost, but I really am struggling to get into the album, so I abandoned the post all together, I'm just not finding it has the thrill of their earlier releases and I realize how difficult it is for such accomplished musicians to work within the inevitable 'lounge music' quagmire, bands like Koop or Zero 7, as good as they are, will sadly be sold off as 'chill out'. Don't get me wrong, the new Koop has all the right bits & pieces, perhaps it is their ragtime direction that leaves me a little cold. Marsmobil's album on the other hand offers an answer to my dilema, their sound has an edge which transcends the lame and tangled 'lounge/cafe/hotel' music category, it isn't just purely easy listening and has nuances of textural darkness which seems palpable, believable and arresting. Roberto Di Gioia has an intense love for The Beatles and has also worked with Notwist & Console, all of which is pretty evident in his work here. Check out 'Call Me', my favorite from the album so far. Oh and did I mention the gorgeous sultry vocals of the very talented Martine Rojine who sings on most of the album.


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