Sunday, October 05, 2008

3 girls and a fox

I have a bunch of things to pop up for ya, hopefully I'll get round to them all today & tomorrow. First up is the most recent bit of loveliness to come my way via Melbourne's Andras Fox. Mr Fox featured on A.N.O.E. not too long ago, with his really good edit of Sylvester's 'Over & Over' (an item that's had a decent dose of attention from you readers). Anyway he handed over a track called 'Three Girls', it's brilliant; a jazzy sort of meandering, stop start, beardy, spacey thing. I want to say it's kind of 'Moodymanesque' but only technically speaking (and besides I said that about his edit too, don't go thinking he's just a copy cat, his sound is very much his own). Andras has dug up some stella bits to sample and re-work on 'Three Girls' and while it ends at around 5 minutes this track could easily have gone on for another 20. If I was clever enough, I'd probably look deeper into the title to find clues to the original source of this beauty, but I recon it's as lovely not having to know everything about it. Thankyou Fox, you're always welcome here...

Andras Fox - Three Girls

editors note: did anyone realize that Andras has made good work of a track by Starguard on this one ? I hadn't, but he told me...

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Anonymous said...

hi man,

the original is from Starguard (
remember "Which Way Is Up?"), produced by the legendary Norman Whitfield
by the way: fantastic blog

greetings from vienna
PeSoLa (PermasmokeSoundLab)